We Take The Guesswork Out of Renewable Energy Power

Green Ox Energy is a solar and energy storage consultant and General Contractor in Dallas Fort Worth that provides full service commercial, residential and utility renewable energy solutions that make renewable energy more flexible, accessible and affordable. How is this possible? We take a full service approach to the renewable energy process. This includes our best of class products, financial options, full installation services and project management every step of the way. Sound good so far? Well read on, because we’re just getting started.

Flexibility? We negotiate with manufacturer’s based on volume to get you the most economical value of your purchase.

Easy access? We are your partners, educators and advisers throughout this process. Call us ten times a day with questions…that’s what we’re here for!

Conservative? So are we! We work with companies that may be reluctant to transition their energy use to solar due to the high costs of commercial solar panel implementation. Our team has a substantial understanding of both fossil and renewable energy markets and financing mechanisms available to commercial property owners. This knowledge allows us to offer our customers a variety of financial options, including PPAs (power purchase agreements) and/or loans.

Don’t guess whether or not solar works for your business.

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